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About Us

At Magnus Oriental Supplies, supporting professionals in the catering and food industries is our main goal. We want to help our customers carry out their activity succesfully and maximize their satisfasction. 
Browse our catelog to discover all our product lines. If there is any particular product(s) we dont't list here, we will do our best to source it or provide a solution for you. 
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Our Products Range inclusive of:

  • Bamboo Chopsticks, Skewers, Sticks
  • Wooden Chopsticks, Stirrers, Cutleries
  • Paper and Plastic Carry Bag
  • Plates, Cups, Straws, Cutleries, Java Jackets, Containers, Portion Cups
  • Paper and Plastic Take-Out Boxes, Trays, and Bowls.
  • Foil and Cling Films
  • Napkins and Serviettes

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Copyright © 2021 by Magnus. All rights reserved.
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